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What is the purpose of putting a cotton plug on the mouth of the test tube?

To prevent contamination from external microorganisms

How is yeast culture prepared in the activity?

Yeast granules are added to a sugar solution in a test tube

How is mould observed in the activity?

By observing the surface of a moist slice of bread with a magnifying glass

What conditions are recommended for keeping the slice of bread to observe mould growth?

Cool, moist, and dark place

What is the mode of reproduction for unicellular organisms mentioned in the text?

Cell division or fission

Study Notes

Preparation of yeast culture

  • A cotton plug is placed on the mouth of the test tube to prevent contamination from air and other external sources.

Preparation of yeast culture

  • Yeast culture is prepared by adding a small amount of yeast to a test tube containing a sugar solution.

Observation of Mould

  • Mould is observed in the activity by leaving a slice of bread in a suitable environment for a few days, allowing the growth of mould.

Conditions for Mould Growth

  • The slice of bread is recommended to be kept in a warm, humid, and dark place to observe mould growth.

Mode of Reproduction

  • Unicellular organisms mentioned in the text reproduce by a process of binary fission, where the cell divides into two identical daughter cells.

Explore the various modes of reproduction used by single organisms in this quiz. Learn about the process of yeast culture and its reproductive methods. Test your knowledge on asexual and sexual reproduction with this interactive activity.

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