Modern Methods of Filing: Horizontal Filing

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In horizontal filing, what is a major disadvantage mentioned in the text?

Removing papers from the bottom can be challenging.

What is a key advantage of vertical filing according to the text?

Papers can be located without difficulty or time loss.

What is the primary objective of document preservation in filing systems?

To protect documents against possible loss or damage

Under alphabetical classification, how are papers and documents organized?

By the occurrence of numbers in the alphabet.

Which function involves classifying documents based on a predetermined basis?

Document classification on a predetermined basis

In the context of filing systems, what is the purpose of vertical filing?

To arrange records in cabinets with drawers

Why is it essential to place letters and documents in cardboard file covers after taking action?

To protect documents against possible loss or damage

What is the main feature of the Arch Level File method discussed in the text?

Files are made of cardboard with arches for fastening papers

How does the Pigeon Hole File method differ from the Arch Level File method?

Pigeon Hole File involves dividing a cupboard into small compartments

Which filing method would be most suitable for organizing documents alphabetically?

Pigeon Hole File

Learn about horizontal filing, where files are stored in a horizontal position within a file drawer or shelf. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of this filing method, including ease of organization and challenges with flexibility.

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