Modern Management Theory Development Overview

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What are the three levels of modern management classification?

Top management, Middle management, Low level management

What is the role of Top Management in modern management?

Develop and review long-range plans, evaluate overall performance, ensure cooperation, select key personnel

Describe the responsibilities of Middle Management in modern management.

Make intermediate and long-range plans, analyze managerial performance, establish departmental policies, counsel subordinates

What tasks are typically handled by Low Level Management in modern management?

Make detailed, short-range operating plans, supervise day-to-day operations, review subordinates' performance, assign specific tasks

How does Harold Koontz attempt to integrate various views in modern management theory?

By examining significant views taken by theorists and developing a comprehensive approach

What fields have contributed to the development of modern management theory?

Behavioral sciences, operations research, management science, contingency theory

How does the text metaphorically describe the state of modern management theory?

As a jungle resembling destructive warfare

Who was the french industrialist known for issuing a complete statement on a theory of general management?

Henri Fayol

What principle of management involves assigning specialized tasks to different departments or positions?

Division of work

Which school of management theory is based on principles suggested by theorists like Mooney, Reiley, Urwick, Gullick, Fayol, Emerson, and Taylor?

Classical or traditional school

What is the field of management theory currently in the process of?


What is the main reason the Roman Catholic Church has survived for thousands of years?

Outstanding administrative abilities

Who started as a janitor and rose to become an executive in a coal mining and iron foundry company?

Henri Fayol

What is the main focus of the management science approach?

Decision making

Name two theorists who have made valuable contributions to the field of management regarding overcoming resistance to change and motivating employees with long-range effects.

Argyris, McGregor

What does the human relations theory emphasize in terms of treating employees?

As human beings

What is the criticism leveled against the human relations theorists?

Placing too much emphasis on the human aspect in the organization

What is another name for the management science approach?

Quantitative school of thought

What logical sequence of steps does the management science approach advocate?

Problem formulation, information gathering, mathematical modeling, solution exploration, solution testing, execution

Explore the development of modern management theory through contributions from the behavioral sciences, operations research, and management science. Learn about the integration of various views by theorists like Harold Koontz and examine the evolution of management theories.

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