Modern History One Liner Notes Free Tests: Advent Of Europeans in India

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Who was the first European to reach India?

Which Portuguese governor initiated the blue water policy and the Cartaze system?

Who captured Goa from the ruler Adil Shah and encouraged Portuguese men to marry Indian women?

Who shifted the capital from Cochin to Goa in 1530?

When was the Dutch East India Company established?

Who was the first Englishman to arrive in India?

Who was the first Dutch traveler to reach India?

Which British King received Bombay as dowry for marrying a Portuguese princess?

In which year did the French East India Company get formed?

Which Sultan granted the golden Farman to the East India Company in 1632?


Prepare for modern history exams with these one-liner notes on the advent of Europeans in India. Learn about the chronological arrival of Portuguese, Dutch, English, Danes, and French, along with key details about Vasco da Gama's arrival and trading establishment.

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