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What is the primary focus of Aristotle's communication model?

The credibility and expertise of the speaker

Which element in Aristotle's communication model connects the speaker with the audience through emotions?


Which communication model primarily focuses on one-way communication?

Shannon-Weaver communication model

According to Lasswell's communication model, how is communication viewed?

As a process of passing messages from sender to receiver

Which element in Aristotle's communication model signifies logic and adherence to reasoning?


What distinguishes linear communication models from interactive models?

Focus on two-way communication

Which model of communication suggests that communication is a linear, one-way process?

Shannon-Weaver model

According to the Osgood-Schramm model of communication, how do messages flow between encoding and decoding?

In a two-way direction

Which communication model suggests that environmental factors initiate the communication process?

Westley and Maclean model

According to transactional communication models, how is communication viewed?

As a cooperative process where communicators co-create communication

Which model of communication recognizes communication as a circular process with multi-layered feedback between sender and receiver?

Dance's Helical model

In which model of communication does the complexity of communication increase as the process progresses?

Dance's Helical model

Test your knowledge on different models of communication like Linear Communication, Aristotle’s Communication, and Shannon-Weaver Communication. Learn about key concepts in communication through various models.

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