Modal Jazz Mastery

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What is modal jazz?

Who crystallized modal jazz as a theory in his 1953 book Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization?

Which artist was directly inspired by George Russell and popularized modal jazz with his 1959 album Kind of Blue?

Which of the following musicians did not perform modal jazz?

What is the Dorian mode?

Which of the following compositions is not an example of modal jazz?

Which musician acknowledged the crucial role played by Bill Evans in his transition from hard bop to modal playing?

Which of the following albums is not recognized as an example of modal jazz?

Which of the following musicians noted that the 1953 composition 'Glass Enclosure' by pianist Bud Powell was one of the earliest jazz compositions to make use of Lydian chords?


How well do you know the sub-genre of jazz known as modal jazz? Take this quiz to test your knowledge on the musical modes and chord progressions used in this unique and influential style of jazz. From George Russell to its present-day impact, this quiz will have you grooving to the sounds of modal jazz.

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