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Which step indicates that a machine learning model is ready for deployment?

Model meets performance standards

What is the purpose of evaluating a machine learning model after training?

To improve the model's accuracy

Which Python library is fundamental for numerical computing?


What are the two main types of machine learning discussed in the text?

Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

Which step involves teaching a model to make predictions using labeled data?

Model Selection and Training

In the context of machine learning, what does unsupervised learning refer to?

Training a model without labeled data

Which Python environment is mentioned for setting up a machine learning workspace?

Jupyter Notebook (Anaconda)

What is the primary role of scikit-learn in machine learning?

Providing tools for building machine learning models

'Data Pre-processing' in the machine learning workflow involves:

Cleaning and transforming data before training

'Deployment' of a machine learning model can involve:

'Integrating it into an application'

Test your knowledge on machine learning applications such as chatbots, sentiment analysis, and machine translation. Explore topics like autocomplete, personalization, NLP, ranking algorithms, and more.

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