Mitotic Inhibitors in Cell Division

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Which of the following is NOT an agent in the FOLFIRINOX regimen?


What is the role of OXaliplatin in the FOLFIRINOX regimen?

DNA-adduct forming agent

Why is FOLFIRINOX considered extremely toxic?

The DNA-adduct forming property of OXaliplatin

In which type of cancer is FOLFIRINOX typically administered?

Pancreatic cancer

What is the mechanism of action of IRINotecan in the FOLFIRINOX regimen?

Topoisomerase inhibitor

Which publication introduced FOLFIRINOX or gemcitabine as adjuvant therapy for pancreatic cancer?

New England Journal of Medicine

What factor limits the administration of FOLFIRINOX to patients?

"Unfit" status of patients

Which agent in the FOLFIRINOX regimen is used as a detoxifying agent?

FOLinic acid

'FOLFIRINOX' contains leucovorin. What is another name for leucovorin?

FOLinic acid

'FOLFIRINOX' is a combination chemotherapy regimen used for the treatment of what type of cancer?

Pancreatic cancer

Explore the mechanism of action of mitotic inhibitors that prevent cellular replication by physically inhibiting cytoskeletal components, particularly microtubules like docetaxel and paclitaxel. Learn how these molecules impede the formation or re-formation of critical structures during mitosis.

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