Mission Healthy People 2020 Objectives

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In 1936, Governor General Frank Murphy remarked that the Philippines led all oriental countries in terms of ______ status.


During the 1940s, the Bureau of Health was reorganized into the Department of Health and Public Welfare under Dr. Fabella, with major priorities including TB, malnutrition, malaria, GI disease, and high ______ mortality.


In 1947, President Manuel Roxas signed an Executive Order for the creation of the ______ of Health.


The Bureau of Health was renamed into the Philippine Health Service in ______.


On January 1, 1919, Dr. Vicente De Jesus became the first Filipino to head the ______ portfolio.


In 1933, the Philippine Health Services reverted to being known as the Bureau of ______.


Dr. Jose Fabella was named Chief of the Bureau of Health when the Commonwealth of the Philippines was inaugurated in ______.


Dr. Fabella reviewed the Bureau of Health's organization in 1936 and made an inventory of its existing facilities, which consisted of 11 community and social health centers, 38 hospitals, 215 puericulture centers, 374 sanitary divisions, 1,535 dispensaries, and 72 ______.


The Department of Health and Public Welfare under Dr. Fabella was established in the ______.


Health was relegated to the Department of Education, Health, and Public Welfare under Commissioner Claro M. Recto during the 1940s, indicating a focus on public ______.


This quiz explores the objectives of Mission Healthy People 2020, focusing on identifying health improvement priorities, increasing public awareness, setting measurable goals, engaging multiple sectors, and driving evidence-based actions.

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