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Who designed the Minnesota state seal?

Capt. Seth Eastman

What prompted the change in the direction of the American Indian on the state seal?

American Indian objection

What do the 19 stars on the Minnesota state flag symbolize?

19th state to be admitted to the Union

Why did the Legislature adopt the one-sided, all-blue design for the state flag in 1957?

To reduce production costs and encourage display

Why was the common loon adopted as the state bird of Minnesota?

Due to its unique physical features and behaviors

What did the Secretary of State Francis Baasen say to Gov. Henry H. Sibley on May 25, 1858?

He expressed concern about the lack of a state seal

Why was the vastly different seal approved by the Legislature in 1858 never officially adopted into law?

Historians believe the design was lost

When was the Great Seal of Minnesota first authorized for use?

Two weeks after Minnesota became a state

Why was the use of the territorial seal authorized after Minnesota became a state?

The office of Secretary of State was without a seal

What happened in 1861 regarding the approval of the Great Seal of Minnesota's design?

The Legislature officially adopted the design into law

Test your knowledge of Minnesota's state symbols and history with this quiz. Learn about the various emblems that represent the state and delve into the controversies surrounding the Great Seal of Minnesota.

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