Mineral Exploration and Prospecting Quiz

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What is geochemical prospecting used to trace?

Water or stream sediment samples

What is the most important quality specification of coal?

Heating value

How is the measure of coal expressed?


Aside from limestone, what other raw material is necessary in the production of cement?


What must be done for accurate logging of diamond drill cores?

Pulverized to minus 200 mesh

What is a stratum of coal or coal bed called?

Coal seam

What is the most effective method of exploration for developing or delineating an orebody to define ore reserves?

Core drilling

Where is initial reconnaissance exploration usually conducted?

Drainage system & tributaries

What is the cylindrical chamber for receiving and retaining rock samples as diamond drilling progresses called?

Core barrel

What system preserves diamond drill core samples for future references while providing adequate samples for geologic interpretation and grade establishment?

Total core storage

Which hand sampling procedure yields the most accurate results with the smallest possible error?

Channel sampling

Test your knowledge of mineral exploration and prospecting with this quiz. Answer questions about geochemical prospecting, coal quality specifications, and measures of coal.

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