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What is the process of taking out minerals from rocks buried under the earth's surface called?


Which type of mining involves making deep bores called shafts to reach mineral deposits at great depths?

Shaft mining

Where are non-metallic minerals like limestone typically found according to the text?

In sedimentary rock formations

Which continent produces more than half of the world's tin according to the text?


Where are large iron ore deposits found, according to the text?


Which region of North America has vast deposits of copper, lead, zinc, gold, and silver?

Western Cordilleras

What are metallic minerals characterized by?

Containing metal in raw form

How can minerals be identified?

Based on their colour and density

What is the distinguishing feature of metallic minerals?

Conducting heat and electricity

Which type of minerals contain iron but are non-ferrous?

Manganese ore

What is a distinguishing characteristic of non-metallic minerals?

Not containing metals

Which mineral fuels are considered non-metallic minerals?

Coal and petroleum

Test your knowledge on minerals, naturally occurring substances with a definite chemical composition. Learn about how minerals are formed, their properties, and where they are found.

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