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What is the cost of heart bypass surgery in India compared to the US?

What was found inside a skeleton buried underground?

What is the concept discussed regarding past and future lives?

What is the demilitarized zone?

What is medical tourism related to India known for?


Interesting Facts from the Video

  • A man creates a record, but when the police come to verify it, they find his body turned into a skeleton placed in one spot.
  • A penguin the size of a human is shown in the clouds, and later something UFO-like is spotted in the clouds.
  • A group finds a tree in the jungle with a hand-shaped growth, and it's revealed to be an 800-year-old tree.
  • Scientists find a skeleton that looks like it has gold and jewelry inside buried underground.
  • The video discusses the concept of past and future lives being real.
  • India's flourishing tourism business, with various tourist places and the cost of heart surgery in India being significantly lower than in the US.
  • The cost of heart bypass surgery in India is around 6-7 lakhs, while in the US, it's around 1.5 crores.
  • Many people from around the world come to India for medical facilities due to the significantly lower costs, known as medical tourism.
  • Approximately 15-20 lakh people from 80 countries come to India for medical treatment every year.
  • The concept of demilitarized zones between countries, such as India-China or North-South Korea borders, is explained.
  • The demilitarized zone is the area where the borders of two countries are separated.
  • The demilitarized zone is a place where several countries are involved in border disputes.


Get ready to challenge your perception and critical thinking with mind-bending riddles and optical illusions. Test your ability to unravel mysteries and uncover hidden truths behind intriguing scenarios.

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