Middle East Diversity and Independence Quiz

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Which group demanded self-rule or independence in the newly formed nations?

What was the main reason for the partition of the Palestine mandate into Arab areas and Israel?

In Iraq and Bahrain, which religious group ruled over the Shiite majority?

What factor posed challenges to unity in many Middle Eastern nations according to the text?

Which ethnic group has long called for an independent homeland across several countries in the Middle East?

What was the outcome of the Kurdish uprising in Iraq in 1991?

Which ethnic group is a majority in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Syria?

Who controlled the Palestine mandate and three provinces of the old Ottoman empire that formed modern-day Iraq?

What was the stated goal of the mandate system in the Middle East?

What tensions grew in British-ruled Palestine between Arab and Jewish residents?

What did Arabs in the region demand during the time when Britain supported a Jewish national home in part of the Palestine mandate?

Which countries emerged as independent nations following World War II from the former mandates?


This quiz covers the challenges of diversity in the Middle East, focusing on ethnic groups and majority populations in different countries. It also explores the mandates and independence gained after World War I and the Treaty of Versailles.

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