Middle Ages Travel and the Crusades Preview

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12 Questions

What qualities do the knight and the plowman have in common?

Which character does Chaucer respect?

What was the merchant's expertise?

What is the Merchant's financial standing according to the text?

What did town charters almost always grant townspeople?

How did partnerships lessen risk for the merchant or businessperson?

What was the purpose of insurance for merchants or businesspeople?

Why were merchants carrying gold coins vulnerable to robbers?

What changes spurred travel during the early Middle Ages?

Why did agricultural production improve during the early Middle Ages?

What led to the formation of merchant companies traveling in armed caravans?

What was a significant factor that contributed to the growth of trade routes during the early Middle Ages?


This quiz provides a quick preview of the Crusades and prompts students to consider the changes that spurred travel during the early Middle Ages. It includes a primary source selection or audio to give students an idea of what travel was like at that time.

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