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Which document view is best for reading large amounts of text or reviewing work?

Read Mode

What does Print Layout show in Word?

Document as it would appear on the printed page

How can you completely hide the Ribbon in Word?

Auto-hide Ribbon

Which option hides all command groups when not in use in Word?

Show Tabs

In Word, which view shows how your document would look as a webpage?

Web Layout

What is the default document view in Word?

Print Layout

What feature in Microsoft Word 2016 helps with alignment and spacing adjustments?


Where do you type and edit text in a Word document?

Document Pane

Which part of the user interface displays miscellaneous information about the current document?

Status Bar

How can you access additional Word functionality and options?

Clicking on Dialog Box Launcher

Which area in Word allows you to magnify your document by zooming in or out?


What part of the user interface will help you access all Word options like formatting, inserting tables, etc.?


How can you access Backstage view in Microsoft Word?

Click the File tab on the Ribbon

What can you do from the 'New' option in Backstage view?

Create a new blank document or choose from templates

What is the main function of the 'Print' option in Backstage view?

Preview the document and change print settings

Which option in Backstage view allows you to invite people to collaborate on your document?


From which pane in Backstage view can you access your Microsoft account information?


What does the 'Options' section in Backstage view allow you to do?

Change various Word options

Test your knowledge on the different document views in Microsoft Word, including Read Mode, Print Layout, and Web Layout. Learn about the features and benefits of each view for effective document editing and review.

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