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What is the science of classifying organisms called?


Why is culturing bacteria in the lab beneficial?

To identify and study bacteria

Which type of organisms are considered acellular?


What did Koch contribute to microbiology?

Determined causes of diseases

Which scientist was the first to view live microorganisms under a microscope?


What does the Cell Theory state?

All living things come from preexisting cells

What is the purpose of oil immersion in microscopy?

To increase the resolving power

What is the function of the iris diaphragm in a microscope?

To control contrast

In microbiology, what is the main purpose of incubation?

To provide optimal conditions for microbial growth

What is the primary advantage of using bright field microscopy?

Produces a dark image against a brighter background

How are medias categorized in microbiology?

By physical state, chemical composition, and functional type

What is the main purpose of streak plate isolation method?

To separate individual microbial colonies

Study Notes

Classification and History of Microbiology

  • The science of classifying organisms is called taxonomy.

Microbiology Laboratory Techniques

  • Culturing bacteria in the lab is beneficial for studying and understanding bacterial growth, physiology, and behavior.
  • Viruses are considered acellular organisms.

Contributions to Microbiology

  • Robert Koch contributed to microbiology by developing Koch's postulates, a set of principles used to identify the cause of infectious diseases.


  • Antonie van Leeuwenhoek was the first to view live microorganisms under a microscope.
  • The Cell Theory states that all living organisms are composed of one or more cells, cells are the basic units of life, and all cells arise from pre-existing cells.

Microscopy Techniques

  • The purpose of oil immersion in microscopy is to increase the resolution and contrast of the image.
  • The function of the iris diaphragm in a microscope is to control the amount of light that enters the instrument.

Incubation in Microbiology

  • The main purpose of incubation in microbiology is to provide optimal conditions for microorganisms to grow and multiply.

Microscopy Advantages

  • The primary advantage of using bright field microscopy is that it provides high contrast and resolution for observing morphological features of microorganisms.

Media in Microbiology

  • In microbiology, media are categorized as synthetic, semi-synthetic, or complex, based on their composition and nutritional content.

Streak Plate Isolation Method

  • The main purpose of the streak plate isolation method is to isolate and separate individual microorganisms from a mixed culture or sample.

Test your knowledge on mycology, parasitology, taxonomy, and the concept of ubiquitous relating to microbes. Learn about the benefits and risks of culturing bacteria in the lab, including identification, learning impacts, and medical advancements like antibiotics.

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