Methods for Describing Missing/Recovered Property

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When describing missing or recovered property, what should be noted to help identify the item?

The physical appearance of the item, including model, size, shape, and condition

What method can be used to establish the value of stolen and recovered property?

Referring to a blue book for guidance

What is a proper procedure for tracing stolen goods?

Checking stolen property through LEADS and NCIC

How can the owner of lost property be located?

Examining any recorded numbers in in-house records

What should be done to attempt to identify a suspect in relation to recovered property?

Interviewing victims and witnesses to gather any relevant information

What should be noted when describing missing or recovered property to help with identification?

Keep a record of how the property was lost or stolen

What is the primary method suggested to determine if a fire is of suspicious origin?

Consulting with engineers (electrical, heating, and chemical)

What does a person commit when by means of fire or explosion they knowingly damage any real property or personal property having a value of $150 or more of another without consent?


What is the purpose of protecting the scene of a suspected arson like any other crime scene?

To prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the scene

What is a common motive for intentionally setting fires according to the text?

Economic gain

What does it suggest if in a residential burglary only cash is missing while jewelry and consumer goods are ignored?

The burglar may be a drug addict

What evidence should be looked for in cases of intentional fire according to the text?

Evidence of intentional fire and motives

What does an arson investigator typically rarely witness according to the text?

The act of arson being committed

What is suggested as a step to conduct an investigation for deceptive practices?

Interview witnesses/victims

This quiz covers proper methods for describing missing or recovered property, including details such as physical appearance, brand name, number of articles, record serial numbers, and treating recovered property as evidence. It also covers ascertaining the method of operation and value of the property.

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