Metals Composition and Characteristics

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Which of the following is a characteristic of ceramics mentioned in the text?

Brittle nature under compression

What property of ceramics makes them suitable for applications in harsh environments?

Resistance to high temperatures

What sets polymers apart from metals and ceramics in terms of physical properties?

Soft and ductile characteristics

Why are polymers considered excellent insulators?

Very low electrical and thermal conductivity

What is a key characteristic of metallic elements mentioned in the text?

Exhibit luster

How do nonmetallic elements like carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen affect the properties of metals?

Can enhance certain properties of metals

Which element is commonly added to iron to form steel, enhancing its strength and hardness?


What is the primary composition of ceramics according to the text?

Compounds of metallic and nonmetallic elements

Which industry benefits from the versatility of metals due to their combination of metallic and nonmetallic elements?


Learn about the composition of metals, including metallic and nonmetallic elements, as well as the characteristics of metallic elements such as conductivity, luster, and melting points.

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