Metacognition: Reflective and Control Aspects

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28 Questions

Which component is part of the two-component model of metacognition?

What does self-efficacy refer to, based on Albert Bandura's theory?

What is metacognition important for?

What leads to positive expectations and enhanced confidence, according to Bandura's theory on self-efficacy?

What do metacognitively aware learners do better?

What are the building elements of the reflective aspect of metacognition?

What does Dr. Bandura consider as the most effective for instilling a strong sense of effectiveness?

Which mindset embraces failure as an opportunity to learn and improve?

Based on actions, what fosters resilience and persistence according to the text?

Who linked goal difficulty and specificity to task performance in 1960?

Which element of successful goal setting involves measurable and unequivocal goals?

In SMART goal setting, what does 'S' stand for?

What does a growth mindset combined with effective goal-setting strategies lead to, according to the text?

What is the general definition of stress?

What is the main biological impact of stress according to the text?

Which stage of General Adaptation Syndrome involves increased heart rate, cortisol release, and adrenaline boost?

What are common stress sources for students according to the text?

What stage of General Adaptation Syndrome involves body repair and normalization of vital signs while remaining on high alert?

How does prolonged resistance in the General Adaptation Syndrome affect an individual according to the text?

What is the recommended duration for sleep per night to reduce stress, according to the text?

Which activity involves using visualization to relax and reduce stress response?

What is an effective way to manage social, academic, and life pressures, according to the text?

Which activity involves breathing exercises for acute and long-term stress?

What is the purpose of self-care, as defined in the text?

Which component of self-care emphasizes personalized approaches that vary for individuals?

What does progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) involve for quick stress release?

What is the influence of diet on stress levels, according to the text?

What does building a support network help combat, according to the text?


Test your understanding of metacognition, a crucial aspect of successful learning, which involves regulating cognitive skills and being strategically aware of one's learning process. Explore the two-component model of metacognition and its reflective and control aspects.

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