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A logical message tree in integration node is dependent on the transformation logic.

The component responsible for converting a bit stream into a logical message tree is a serializer.

The logical message model in IBM App Connect Enterprise represents both data and any parent-child relationships that the data elements have.

The message tree contains representation of the message properties and content, as well as the exception list tree.

Element values in the logical message model tree are stored in ASCII format to facilitate code conversions.

An XML parser can parse any XML document without using a model, ensuring that the messages are validated correctly.

Graphical mapping from a source message to a target message is possible without a model when transforming XML documents.

Physical properties of an object in IBM App Connect Enterprise describe the format-independent description of the object content, known as the logical model.

A COBOL programmer typically creates a new version of a COBOL Copybook each time a change is made using a configuration control system, similar to how message models are versioned.

Logical properties of an object in IBM App Connect Enterprise describe what data the object contains without saying anything about how it is written.


Test your knowledge on message parsing and assembly, focusing on controlling the flow of messages. This quiz covers the concepts presented in Unit 5 of the course materials. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2015, 2019

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