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_______ Firms ETF Equity Banks Classifications of Stocks according to: Rights Ownership Sector Characteristics Rights Common Stocks Preferred Stocks


Is a Is an ownership share in class of equity ownership a corporation that allows that has a more senior its holders voting rights claim on the earnings and at shareholder meetings assets of a business than and the opportunity to ______ stock receive dividends


Services Media Transportation Hotel and Leisure Retail Education Casinos and Gaming Information Technology Telecommunication Other _______ Mining and Oil


Blue Chip Stocks in the Philippines – January 2021 _______ Holdings Inc. Nickel Asia Corp. Semirara Mining and Power Corporation Global Ferronickel Holdings Inc. Atlas Mining Property Retail


Blue Chip Stocks Shares of well-established and financially sound companies that have demonstrated their ability to pay dividends in both good and bad times They also exhibit ore modest but dependable returns and are relatively of low risk. Forbes’ Top 20 PH Billionaires for 2022 _______ Villar $8.3 B Enrique Razon Jr. $6.7 B Henry Sy, Jr.


Test your knowledge on merchant banking, a financial institution that provides loan services, financial advising, and fundraising services for large corporations and high net worth individuals. Learn about the role of merchant bankers in capital markets and the services they offer.

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