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Which economic policy seeks to maximize exports and minimize imports for an economy?


Which of the following is a characteristic of mercantilism?

Government regulation

During which time period was mercantilism dominant in Europe?

15th to 18th centuries

Who is considered to have written one of the first treatises on political economy with his 1613 work, A Short Treatise on the Wealth and Poverty of Nations?

Antonio Serra

Which country began the first large-scale and integrative approach to mercantilism during the Elizabethan Era (1558–1603)?


Who first articulated the Elizabethan system of mercantilism in England?

Thomas Mun

Who is credited with best articulating French mercantilism in the 17th century?

Jean-Baptiste Colbert

Which country became the financial center of Europe by being its most efficient trader and had little interest in seeing trade restricted?


Which country had perhaps the most rigidly controlled economy in Europe under Frederick the Great?


Which country's heavily protected industries led to famines as much of its agricultural land was required to be used for sheep instead of grain?


Which country attempted to pursue mercantilism but had little success due to its lack of a large merchant class or an industrial base?


Which country experienced significant economic growth under Jean-Baptiste Colbert's mercantilist policies?


What were some of the key features of French mercantilism under Colbert?

All of the above

Which country remained supreme in terms of trading power despite Colbert's efforts?

The Dutch Republic

What was the goal of British mercantilism with respect to its colonies?

To increase political power and private wealth

Which term did Adam Smith use to criticize the economic system of mercantilism?


What was the goal of the medieval scholastic theorists in Europe?

To find an economic system compatible with Christian doctrines

Who benefited greatly from the enforced monopolies and bans on foreign competition under mercantilism?


What economic ideology dominated for 250 years before being criticized by Adam Smith and David Ricardo?


Who wrote the Principles of Political Economy, a major mercantilist work published in 1767?

James Steuart

Which country produced noted writers of mercantilist themes including Giovanni Botero and Antonio Serra?


Who are noted for their viewpoints on a wide range of economic matters beyond mercantilism as a way of understanding the wealth and power of nations?

Mun and Misselden

Who detailed a nine-point program of what he deemed effective national economy in his Austria Over All, If She Only Will of 1684, which comprehensively sums up the tenets of mercantilism?

Philipp Wilhelm von Hornick

According to the text, which of the following best describes mercantilism?

A period of worldwide development of European commerce

Who were the founding fathers of anti-mercantilist thought, according to the text?

Adam Smith, David Hume, Edward Gibbon, Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau

According to the text, what did John Locke argue in 1690?

Prices vary in proportion to the quantity of money

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