Medium and Technique in Performing Arts Photography

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What does the word 'Photography' mean?

To write with light or light drawing

What is the main focus of photography?

Framing the scene and composition

According to the text, what makes photography an art form?

The selective vision of reality and artistic statement

What does Kuraldal refer to in the text?

A ritual dance and veneration of a bronze crucifix

What is the purpose of FINE ARTS PHOTOGRAPHY?

To instill photos with an artistic statement and selective vision of reality

What distinguishes fine art photography from other forms of photography?

It captures what the artist sees rather than documenting the subject

What is the main focus of commercial photography?

Creating idealized images of products and services for advertising

What is the primary goal of photojournalism?

Re-presenting objective reality of specific subjects and events

What principle allows film to create the illusion of motion?

Persistence of vision

What does cinema primarily communicate through?

Design of time and three-dimensional space into two-dimensional images with sound

Test your knowledge of the techniques and technology used in capturing optical images in performing arts photography. Explore the process of framing a scene, composition, lighting, and camera operation.

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