Introduction to Cloud Computing and Cloud Service Models

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What is a key benefit of cloud computing related to disaster recovery?

Reduced workload for in-house IT teams

Which aspect of cloud computing contributes to corporate sustainability goals?

Automatic Updates

What impact does cloud computing have on smaller businesses in terms of technology access?

Levels the playing field with larger competitors

How does cloud computing help in reducing costs for businesses?

Businesses pay only for the resources they use

What is a significant challenge posed by cloud computing related to security?

Risks of data breaches and loss

What are the main components of cloud computing mentioned in the text?

Hardware and Software

Which type of cloud service provides virtual versions of computers, operating systems, and storage devices?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

What is the function of Virtualization Software in cloud computing?

Creates virtual versions of computers, operating systems, and storage devices

Which cloud deployment model involves providing cloud services to a single organization or company?

Private Cloud

What is the main benefit of using Cloud Computing services according to the text?

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

What aspect does the cloud deployment model define?

Physical infrastructure ownership

Where can the cloud infrastructure be physically located?

Off-site and on-premises

What is a characteristic of a public cloud deployment model?

Offers cloud services over the internet to the public

Which factor influences the security level and compliance capability in cloud services?

Deployment model

Who can access services in a public cloud deployment model?

Anyone who wants to use or purchase them

Where is a Public Cloud typically located?

Off-site, hosted by the provider

Which cloud deployment model combines public and private cloud resources?

Hybrid Cloud

What is a key characteristic of Private Cloud accessibility?

Restricted to the specific organization

Which cloud deployment model is characterized by high control over resources?

Private Cloud

What is a benefit of Cloud Computing related to cost?

Reduce the cost of hardware and software

What is a potential challenge associated with moving data or applications from one cloud provider to another?

High data transfer costs

In cloud computing, what can lead to unnecessary costs due to mismanagement of resources?

Resource underutilization or over-provisioning

What can be a significant challenge in managing cloud environments, especially in hybrid or multi-cloud scenarios?

Increasing management complexity

Which factor can impact the performance and latency in data transmission in cloud computing?

Geographical location of cloud provider's data centers

What is a common challenge associated with adopting a cloud-centric model?

Resistance to cultural and organizational change

What type of cloud service provides virtualized computing resources over the internet like virtual machines, storage, and networks?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Which cloud service model involves users having control over managing their infrastructure and flexibility to configure and manage it as needed?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Which cloud service model typically requires the subscriber to manage aspects like operating systems, applications, and middleware?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Which key feature of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides users with scalable computing resources like virtual machines and storage?

Resource Scalability

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is known for providing users the ability to rent resources on a pay-per-use basis. Which cloud service model is NOT associated with this characteristic?

Function as a Service (FaaS)

What is the primary difference between a private cloud and a public cloud?

Private clouds provide a higher level of control and privacy compared to public clouds.

In which cloud deployment model do organizations leverage both public and private cloud infrastructures?

Hybrid Cloud

What is the main advantage of a community cloud over other deployment models?

It is shared among organizations with common concerns.

Which organization would benefit the most from using a private cloud?

Healthcare Organizations

What type of organization might use the public cloud as a backup and disaster recovery site?

Software development company

Which cloud model allows an organization to store critical data on a private cloud while utilizing the public cloud for scalability?

Hybrid Cloud

What makes a hybrid cloud advantageous for organizations?

Flexibility to leverage scalability and security benefits of both public and private clouds.

Why might a software development company choose to deploy applications on the private cloud after testing in the public cloud?

To enhance security and control for production applications

What is a key characteristic of a community cloud?

It is shared among organizations with common concerns.

Which deployment model allows an organization to take advantage of scalability and cost-effectiveness during application development in the public cloud?

Public Cloud

Learn about how cloud systems automatically control and optimize resource use through metering capabilities, providing transparency for both providers and consumers. Explore the types of cloud services such as IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS.

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