Mastering Ingredient Selection and Measurement for Perfect Desserts

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Which factor is important to consider when selecting ingredients for baking?

The type of flour or shortening

When can a substitution of dry yeast for compressed yeast be made?

Only if the quantity is adjusted

What should you ensure when selecting ingredients for baking?

The ingredients are according to the given recipe

Why is it important to measure and weigh ingredients accurately in baking?

To ensure consistent results

Which unit of measurement is commonly used for ingredients like milk, water, and eggs?

Fluid ounce

How many (fluid) ounces are in 1 cup?


Which starches are commonly used in making dessert items?

Cornstarch, waxy maize, and instant starches

What purposes do sugars serve in making desserts?

Creating tender textures and fixtures

What are the two basic types of sugars used in making desserts?

Simple sugars and complex sugars

Which type of fat is used to shorten gluten strands and tenderize dessert products?

Regular shortening

What are the important characteristics of butter?

Flavor and melting qualities

What is an emulsion in dessert making?

Mixing ingredients that are not mixed well

This quiz will test your knowledge on selecting, measuring, and weighing ingredients for hot and cold desserts. Learn about the factors to consider when choosing ingredients and how to accurately measure and weigh them for delicious results.

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