Mastering Increases and Decreases in Knitting

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Quand doit-on éviter de faire des augmentations/diminutions sur le bord d'un travail pour un fini plus net?

Comment doit-on glisser les mailles pour faire un SSK?

Pourquoi utilise-t-on des augmentations?

Comment doit-on faire les augmentations sur l'envers?

Quand peut-on faire des répétitions incomplètes pour un motif sur le bord d'un travail?

Comment doit-on faire les augmentations et diminutions pour les motifs de dentelle?

Peut-on faire des augmentations et diminutions correspondantes s'il n'y a pas suffisamment de mailles?

Comment doit-on espacer les augmentations et diminutions correspondantes dans certains motifs?

Comment doit-on suivre les instructions pour les motifs à carreaux?


  • Mirror increases/decreases are done in pairs, used for decorative effects or symmetry
  • Check pattern instructions for specific increase/decrease instructions
  • Increases can be done on the purl side as well
  • Increases are used for adding 1-2 stitches, while casting on is for more stitches
  • SSK stitches should be slipped knitwise individually to avoid twisting
  • Avoid doing increases/decreases at the edge of the work for a neater finish
  • When shaping a pattern with a motif, incomplete repeats can be done on the edge
  • For lace motifs, there should be corresponding increases and decreases
  • Corresponding increases and decreases should only be done if there are enough stitches
  • In some motifs, corresponding increases and decreases can be spaced out over multiple rows


Think you know everything about increasing and decreasing in knitting? Test your knowledge with this quiz! From mirror increases to SSK stitches, learn about the different techniques used for decorative effects, symmetry, and shaping patterns with motifs. Discover tips on where to avoid doing increases/decreases for a neater finish and how to space them out over multiple rows. Don't forget to check pattern instructions for specific increase/decrease instructions and to slip SSK stitches knitwise individually to avoid twisting. Take the quiz now

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