Mastering Emotional Stabilization

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10 Questions

Which of the following is NOT recommended as a routine way of meeting the goals of Psychological First Aid?

When should medications be considered for a survivor?

What should be the target when using medication in survivors?

In what cases may exposure to disaster worsen pre-existing conditions?

What should you do if none of the interventions aids in emotional stabilization?

What is the role of medications in stabilizing survivors?

What should you consider when using medications with survivors?

What should be the duration of medication use in survivors?

What should you do if a survivor is dangerous to self or others?

What should you do if a survivor is without their medications?


Learn how to effectively stabilize emotionally overwhelmed children and adolescents by following specific steps. Discover the importance of respecting privacy, allowing time before intervening, and offering support when needed. Improve your skills in providing assistance to distressed individuals.

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