Mastering Badminton Strokes and Grips

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Which grip is popularly called the handshake grip in badminton?

Which stroke is used when the approaching shuttle is low and in front of the player?

Which stroke is used to return the shuttle with a high trajectory coming from the opponent's court when the shuttle gets behind you?

Which stroke is used to return the shuttle if the opponent uses a drive to hit the shuttle parallel to either sidelines and you reach it at a height between your waist and your shoulder?

How should a drive serve be hit in badminton?

Which shot in badminton is hit high and near the opponent's back boundary line?

What type of shot is executed by holding the racquet stationary in the path of a smashed shuttle?

Which shot in badminton is hit so that it barely clears the net and falls rapidly in the opponent's court between the net and the short service line?

Which shot in badminton is hit forcefully at a steep downward angle?

What is the shot used to put the shuttle into play at the start of each point in badminton?


Test your knowledge of badminton strokes and grips with this quiz. Learn about the different techniques used in forehand and backhand grips, as well as underhand strokes. Challenge yourself to master the various flight patterns of the shuttlecock.

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