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Which type of secondary memory is faster than a disk drive and has no moving parts?

What is an example of an input device?

Which category of software controls and manages the basic operations of a computer?

How is data stored in a computer?

What coding scheme is commonly used to convert characters to numeric code for storage in memory?

Which component of a computer is responsible for actually running programs?

What is the term commonly used to refer to a set of instructions that a computer follows to perform a task?

What is the term for the physical devices that make up a computer?

What is the term for the temporary storage used by a computer while a program is running?

What is the term for a person who can design, create, and test computer programs?

Which type of language uses short words (mnemonics) for instructions instead of binary numbers?

What is the purpose of an assembler?

What are key words in programming?

What is the difference between a compiler and an interpreter?

What is the purpose of the IDLE programming environment?

True or false: A computer can only perform tasks that it is programmed to do?

True or false: The CPU is the most important component of a computer?

True or false: RAM is a type of secondary storage device?

True or false: Secondary storage holds data for short periods of time.

True or false: Disk drives can be considered input devices.

True or false: ASCII is a coding scheme that defines codes for all characters in the Unicode standard.

True or false: Assembly language uses binary numbers instead of short words (mnemonics) for instructions?

True or false: High-level languages allow simple creation of powerful and complex programs?

True or false: The Python interpreter can be used in both interactive mode and script mode?

True or false: The IDLE programming environment is automatically installed when Python language is installed?


Test your knowledge on the basics of computer programming with this quiz. Explore topics such as hardware, software, data storage, and how programs work using Python. Challenge yourself and assess your understanding of computer programming concepts.

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