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What trait of the human person is represented by having the ability to reason or use intellect?

How is the concept of 'free will' defined in the text?

What term is used in Theology to describe the inherent 'brokenness' or 'incompleteness' of human beings?

What does the text suggest is the source of assistance for humans seeking perfection?

The concept of being 'destined for the Kingdom' or 'heaven' is most closely associated with which belief system?

What does 'transcendental' mean according to the text?

Why can using traits like intellect or free will without Conscience lead to misuse of human actions?

In a Theological Perspective, what does it mean when humans are described as 'Masterpiece of God'?

What role do humans play as 'co-creators' of God according to the text?

How does the text refute the idea that humans are fundamentally evil?

What perspective does the text suggest individuals should consider when examining traits of the human person?

How does the text connect human sexuality with the concept of being 'co-creators' of God?

What is the norm for human action according to Hedonism?

According to Marxism, what is the ultimate goal of people?

What is the central belief of Nihilism regarding the human person and life?

What is the norm for life and actions according to Nihilism?

What is the ultimate goal/destiny for the human person according to Christianity?

What is the norm for life and actions according to Christianity?


Test your knowledge on the philosophy of Marxism by Karl Marx, focusing on human beings as purely material beings without metaphysical aspects. Explore concepts such as governance, ultimate goals, and the rejection of the soul and God.

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