Marketing Multiple Choice Questions

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What is the aim of marketing?

Which of the following adds value to the product?

What type of goods are convenience goods?

Who is the author of the book 'Marketing Myopia'?

What does the abbreviation '4P' stand for in marketing?

Which factor is not very significant for price fixation of a product?

What is the aim of advertisement according to the text?

What is the modern marketing concept oriented towards?

Which aspect is emphasized in society-oriented marketing concept?

According to PF Drucker, what is the main objective of business?

What is used in naming or branding of a product according to the text?

Which of the following is not a limitation of advertising according to the text?

What is not an element of marketing mix according to the text?

Who is the middleman in two layered channels of distribution according to the text?

Who introduced the concept of Marketing Mix first according to the text?


Test your knowledge of marketing with these multiple choice questions. Explore various aspects of marketing objectives, strategies, and more.

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