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What is the primary component of the 7 Ps of the marketing mix?


What term is used to refer to the tactical or operational part of a marketing plan?

Marketing mix

Which element is included in the 7Ps of the services marketing mix but not in the 4Ps?


What does marketing involve communicating to customers for the purpose of promoting or selling?

Value of a product, service, or brand

What is the art and science of getting, keeping, and growing customers through creating superior customer value?

Delivering and communicating superior customer value

What is the term used for informing customers about a product, including advertising, public relations, and sales promotion?


Which aspect of the marketing mix refers to the processes involved in delivering products and services to the customer?


What is the term used for the linchpin of a successful marketing strategy, without which the product may fail to sell?


Which factor affects the value of a product as perceived by the consumer and is often used as a means of judging its quality?


Where are products sold besides shops, including door-to-door and online sales locations?


Test your knowledge about the fundamentals of marketing, including the concept of marketing, the 7 P's of marketing, and their importance. Explore key marketing techniques and consumer behavior.

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