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Which type of market is Sam's business operating in?

What kind of clothes does Sam's business design and sell?

What does Sam's business specialize in?

Sam runs a business that designs and sells custom made high fashion clothes In which type of market is sales business operating

A business is purchasing a new property Which source of finance would be the most appropriate

A business in crisis needs to make immediate and timely decisions in order to survive Which leadership style does a manager of this business need to adopt

A business requires new manufacturing equipment Which of the following would provide leading for this equipment

A biscuit manufacturer reduces the price of its biscuits to below cost in order to attract more customers What identifies this approach

Which term refers to a sales technique disguised as a market research

A sole trader cleaning business purchases generic products to lower costs and be price competitive This is an example of which strategy

Which independent federal body ensures that business adhere to government regulations maintain appropriate financial information and provide consumer protection


Test your knowledge on market types with this quiz! Discover if Sam's business, which designs and sells custom made high fashion clothes, operates in a perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, or monopoly market.

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