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What happens to the speed of sound when water salinity increases?

It increases.

What is the nature of the beam transmitted by an echo sounder?


Which of the following is an echo sounder transducer type?


What may cause false echoes in an echo sounder?

Bioluminescent microorganisms in the water

Which phenomenon involves the axis of an object wobbling when torque is applied?

Torque‐induced precession

What error in a gyrocompass is caused by rapid changes in course, speed, and latitude?

Rapid error

What position is obtained by applying estimated current and wind to your vessel's course and speed?

Estimated position

Which reading is equivalent to a barometric pressure of 29.92 inches of mercury?

1013.25 millibars

What is the purpose of correcting apparent altitude in celestial navigation?

Inaccuracies in the reading and reference level

Where can mariners find information on the direction and velocity of rotary tidal currents?

Tidal Current Tables

What is the speed of sound in water?

1.1 kilometers per second

What frequency is typically used by the low-frequency pulse of an echo sounder?

18 kHz

What is the standard atmospheric pressure in millimeters of mercury?


When a vessel's course is slowly changing to the right at night with the gyro-pilot engaged, what action should be taken FIRST?

Switch to hand steering.

What is the Arctic Circle's latitude in relation to the Tropic of Cancer?

44 degrees 06' North

What is the automatic device for steering a vessel by receiving control signals from a gyro compass known as?


How long is a nautical mile?

6,076 feet

What is the interval called between the sun's upper limb being on the horizon and its center being 12 degrees below?

Astronomical twilight

What is the deviation on the heading of 345°psc with a 2°E gyro error and a 13°W variation?

3° W

What do isogonic lines on a chart indicate?

Points of equal variation

What does the revision of a chart indicate?

Part of the title

On which area of a Mercator chart is the revision information typically printed?

Cylindrical projection

In the IALA Buoyage System, what color combination represents an East Cardinal Mark?

Black band above yellow band

What is the responsibility of the navigation officer in the voyage plan?

The navigation officer

When relieving the helm, what should the new helmsman be knowledgeable about?

Course per magnetic steering compass

Which action should be taken if a crew member falls overboard off the port side?

Immediately put the engine astern

What is the term used to describe the bending of a wave as it passes an obstruction?


Which physical check is NOT part of verifying gyro, azimuth circle, and pelorus on a ship?

Align the compass north to the fore and aft line of the ship

Test your knowledge on calculating compass deviation for marine navigation based on vessel's heading, variation, and gyro error. Choose the correct deviation amount among the options provided for different scenarios.

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