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What did Tommy find that excited Margie?

Tommy found a real book.

How did Margie describe the pages of the old book?

The pages were yellow and crinkly.

Why did Margie find it funny to read words in the old book?

Because the words stood still instead of moving on a screen.

Where did Tommy find the old book?

Tommy found the book in the attic of his house.

What was the old book about?

The old book was about school.

Why did Margie hate school even more than before?

Because the mechanical teacher had been giving her tests that she was doing worse on.

What did Margie hope the man with the tools wouldn't know how to do?

Put the teacher back together

Why was Margie disappointed after the Inspector finished working on the teacher?

She hoped they would take the teacher away altogether.

Why did Margie read the book over Tommy's shoulder?

To find out what kind of school they had centuries ago.

What was Margie thinking about when she inserted yesterday's homework into the slot?

She was thinking about the old schools where kids learned together and helped each other.

What was the arithmetic lesson about that the mechanical teacher was teaching?

The addition of proper fractions

How did Tommy describe the school they were in compared to schools from centuries ago?

The old kind of school that existed centuries ago

Study Notes

Margie and Tommy's Discovery

  • Tommy found an old book that excited Margie.
  • According to Margie, the pages of the old book were yellow and crackly.

The Old Book

  • Tommy found the old book in the attic of his house.
  • The old book was about geography.

Margie's Thoughts on School

  • Margie hated school even more than before because the mechanical teacher couldn't answer her questions about the old book.
  • Margie hoped the man with the tools wouldn't know how to fix the mechanical teacher.

The Mechanical Teacher

  • The mechanical teacher was teaching an arithmetic lesson about subtraction.

Margie's Observations

  • Margie read the old book over Tommy's shoulder because she was curious.
  • When inserting yesterday's homework into the slot, Margie thought about how the mechanical teacher didn't know anything about the old book.

Comparing Schools

  • Tommy described their school as being very different from schools from centuries ago.

Test your knowledge on a diary entry about Margie finding a real book in the year 2157, from a story set in a futuristic world where books are no longer common.

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