MAPEH Review: African Music Instruments

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Which musical genre evolved in the 20th century for the entertainment of large audiences through radio or live performances?

Popular Music

What is the West African xylophone made from logs or bamboo called?


What is a slit gong with an opening at the bottom used for long-distance communication between villages, producing specific messages with beats and pauses made of carved out wood called?

Atingting Kon

Which musical genre originated from African slaves in America and encompasses various styles like ragtime, big band, bepop, and jazz rock?

Jazz Music

What is the West African gourd megaphone with beads woven into a net covering the dried gourd called?


Which genre of music is characterized by dance-oriented with a strong beat, electronic instrumentation, and lush orchestrations?

Disco Music

Which musical genre is rooted in American folk traditions and often features themes of love, rural life, and storytelling?

Country Music

Which musical genre uses body percussion, where Africans use their bodies as instruments to create rhythms and enhance emotional response?

Talking Drum

Which music genre emerged in 1973, combining rock beat with Filipino lyrics, and produced notable figures like Juan de la Cruz Band?

Philippine Rock Music

Which music genre is used to describe the fusion of West African with Black American Music?


Test your knowledge of African music instruments with this MAPEH reviewer. Learn about the Balafon, a West African xylophone made from logs or bamboo, and the Atingting Kon, a slit gong used for long-distance communication between villages.

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