Manmohan Singh's 'A Pair of Cranes' Poem Analysis

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What happens to the male crane in the poem?

He is killed by hunters

What does the female crane do after the male crane's death?

She collects the blood-stained feathers and hatches a chick

What is the main theme of 'A Pair of Cranes'?

The bond between male and female cranes

What emotion is most prominently displayed by the female crane after the male crane's death?


What is the significance of the sea wave carrying the female crane to her dead companion?

It represents the cycle of life and death

What is the hunter's action towards the male crane symbolic of?

Human disregard for nature

Study Notes

  • Manmohan Singh wrote a poem titled "A Pair of Cranes."
  • The poem tells the story of two cranes, a male and a female.
  • The male crane flies around, observing the sunrise, unaware of the danger ahead.
  • The female crane cries as she watches the male crane being cruelly killed by hunters using their hands and jaws.
  • The female crane collects the blood-stained feathers from her partner's body and hatches a chick from them.
  • The sea appears and carries the female crane to her dead companion.

Test your understanding of the poem 'A Pair of Cranes' by Manmohan Singh, which tells the tragic story of two cranes and their cruel fate at the hands of hunters.

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