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What is the main objective of Supervised Machine Learning?

Making predictions based on labeled data

Which method is used in Unsupervised Machine Learning to divide objects into clusters?


In Reinforcement Learning, how do agents interact with the environment?

By getting rewards

What is the primary focus of Regression in machine learning?

Making predictions based on labeled data

What is the primary focus of Supervised Machine Learning?

Predicting outcomes based on input data

Which type of machine learning does not require labeled data for training?

Unsupervised Machine Learning

What is the main goal of Reinforcement Learning?

Optimizing a reward function through trial and error

In which scenario would Classification be used in Supervised Machine Learning?

Detecting spam emails in a mailbox

What technique is typically used in Regression in Machine Learning?

Predicting continuous values based on input features

'Clustering' is a technique commonly associated with which type of Machine Learning?

Unsupervised Machine Learning

Test your knowledge on regression, a statistical method used to study the relationship between variables in data analytics. This quiz is based on Unit I of Manisha Narwane's Process Data Analytics course.

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