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Skill 5.1 - Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resource Groups

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What is a resource group in Azure?

Logical groupings of resources or single-service instances

What is Azure Policy used for?

To create, assign, and manage policies that enforce governance in Azure environment

How does Azure RBAC differ from Azure Policy in terms of default mechanisms?

Azure RBAC is default deny with explicit allow, while Policy is default allow with explicit deny

What does a policy definition describe in Azure Policy?

Desired behavior for Azure resources at the time of creation or update

What are the scope types in Azure Policy?

Management Groups, Subscriptions, Resource Groups

Can a resource exist in multiple resource groups in Azure?

No, each resource can only exist in one resource group

What is the purpose of excluded scopes when creating policy scopes?

To define areas where policies should not be applied

How does Azure Policy provide governance for all users in an environment?

By expressing governance rules at a specified scope regardless of RBAC assignments

What can a policy definition do if a resource is non-compliant?

Define what should happen when a resource is non-compliant

What are some actions that Azure Policy can enforce?

Enforcing rules, applying tags automatically, and ensuring data sovereignty

What is the purpose of Azure Resource Locks?

To prevent accidental deletion or modification of resources.

What is the difference between CanNotDelete and ReadOnly locks?

CanNotDelete locks prevent deletion of a resource, while ReadOnly locks prevent modification of a resource.

Where can Resource Locks be applied?

Resource Locks can be applied to subscription, resource group, and resource scopes.

What is the purpose of Resource Tags in Azure?

To apply custom metadata for logical organization of resources and building custom taxonomies.

What are the limitations of Azure Tags in terms of character length?

Tag names cannot exceed 512 characters, and tag values cannot exceed 256 characters.

In what way can Azure Policy be used with respect to applying tags?

Azure Policy can be used to automatically apply tags to resources.

What are the three possible actions when using the Update-AzTag command?

Replace, Merge, Delete.

What is the recommendation from Microsoft regarding the lifecycle of resources in a resource group?

Microsoft recommends that all resources in a resource group share the same lifecycle.

What happens when moving resources between subscriptions in Azure?

Both write and delete operations to the Azure resource will be blocked temporarily.

Can a resource group be nested within another resource group in Azure?

No, a resource group cannot be nested in another resource group.

Who can transfer ownership of a subscription to another account if the subscriptions do not belong to the same tenant?

Another account

What is the maximum number of resources that can be moved in a single move operation in the Resource Manager?


How many co-administrators can there be per subscription?


What role in Azure RBAC has the ability to create and manage all types of Azure resources but cannot grant access to others?


What is the purpose of spending quotas in Azure subscriptions?

Set alerts for spending thresholds

What is the main benefit of using management groups in Azure?

Reduce overhead, Enforcement, Reporting

What is the main purpose of tags in Azure subscriptions?

Track consumption logically, Implement chargebacks

Who can create budgets in Azure Cost Management?

Users with Contributor rights or higher

What is the difference between a Budget and a Resource Limit in Azure Cost Management?

Budgets are for monitoring spend, Resource Limits can stop resource creation

What level in Azure can Azure RBAC controls be inherited by all child resources?

Management group level

What are the features included in Cost Management?

Performing cost analysis, setting per-subscription budgets and alerts, setting recommendations for optimization, exporting cost management data

How is access to Cost Management service determined?

By scopes and a user must have at least read access

What is the purpose of exporting a template from a resource group or resource?

To generate a new template from existing resources which is a snapshot of the current state of the resource group

Explain the 'Save from history' option for exporting a template.

It retrieves an exact copy of a template used for deployment, specifying the deployment from the deployment history

What is the minimum access level required for a user to access Cost Management?

At least read access

How can cost management data be exported for deeper analysis?

By exporting a template from a resource group or resource, or saving from history

What does the exported template represent?

A 'snapshot' of the current state of the resource group

What options are available for exporting a template?

Export from resource group or resource, Save from history

How can one set recommendations for optimization in Cost Management?

By using the features provided in Cost Management

What is the purpose of setting per-subscription budgets and alerts in Cost Management?

To help manage costs effectively and receive notifications when thresholds are reached

Learn about managing Azure subscriptions and resource groups, including transferring ownership of subscriptions, moving resources, and deleting resource groups using different tools like Azure Portal, PowerShell, CLI, and REST API. Explore access controls and cost management options available for Azure subscriptions.

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