Managerial Responsibility in Business Organizations

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What is the primary concern associated with functional authority?

Worker having to report to multiple bosses

In delegation of managerial authority, who is accountable to whom?

Subordinate is accountable to the superior

What should the authority of a manager be commensurate with?

The manager's position in the organization

What are the three elements embodied in responsibility in business management?

Obedience, dependability, and compliance

What is the relationship between authority and responsibility in business management?

They go hand in hand

Why is status important in the maintenance of authority/responsibility in a business organization?

It influences the level of autonomy given to subordinates

What is the first step in implementing a business decision?

Announcing the decision

Which step of implementing a business decision involves communicating the selected alternatives to subordinates and fellow managers?

Giving managerial orders

What is the process of putting a business decision into action called?

Implementing the decision

What is the purpose of assigning specific tasks to organizational staff during the implementation of a decision?

To put the decision into action

Explore the concept of responsibility in business management and its significance in organizational structure. Learn about the elements of obedience, dependability, and compliance that embody managerial responsibility.

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