Maccabi Tel Aviv FC: Soccer Legacy and Community Engagement

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When was Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club founded?

In which year did Maccabi Tel Aviv win the UEFA Europa League?

What is the seating capacity of Maccabi Tel Aviv's home stadium, Bloomfield Stadium?

Which of the following is NOT listed as one of Maccabi Tel Aviv's international rivals?

What is the focus of the Maccabi Development Center?

Which player(s) have made significant contributions to Maccabi Tel Aviv's success?

What is a key aspect of the Maccabi Tel Aviv Academy's aims?

How does Maccabi Tel Aviv engage with the local community?

Why is Maccabi Tel Aviv considered a cornerstone of Tel Aviv's soccer scene?

In what way does Maccabi Tel Aviv strive for excellence?


Exploring Tel Aviv's Soccer Scene: Maccabi Tel Aviv FC

Tel Aviv, Israel's bustling coastal metropolis, is a city steeped in a rich and vibrant soccer culture. At the heart of this sports-loving city lies Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club (MTAFC), an Israeli powerhouse with a storied history in the world of soccer.

Origins and Success

Founded in 1906, Maccabi Tel Aviv is one of the oldest and most successful soccer clubs in Israel. The team has participated in the Israeli top-tier league for decades, winning the championship on multiple occasions. Maccabi Tel Aviv has also made its mark in continental competitions, winning the UEFA Intertoto Cup in 2005 and the UEFA Europa League in 2009.

The Stadium

Maccabi Tel Aviv plays its home games at Bloomfield Stadium, which opened in 1999 and has a seating capacity of 29,400 spectators. Located near the coastal promenade in Tel Aviv, the stadium is also known for hosting international and cultural events, making it a hub for sports and entertainment in the city.

Local and International Rivalries

Maccabi Tel Aviv's most fierce local rivalries include matches against fellow Israeli clubs Hapoel Tel Aviv, Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv, and Beitar Jerusalem. As for international competitions, the team has faced off against numerous European giants, including England's Tottenham Hotspur, Italy's AS Roma, and Spain's Real Madrid.

Notable Players

Maccabi Tel Aviv has seen many talented players pass through its ranks over the years. Among the most notable include Hidalgo, Elkeson, and Haim Revivo, who have made significant contributions to the team's success both locally and internationally.

Junior Development and Academy

Maccabi Tel Aviv has a strong focus on developing young talent through its youth academy system, known as the "Maccabi Development Center." The academy aims to provide the best possible environment for young players to grow and thrive, with a focus on both technical and tactical development.

Community Engagement

Maccabi Tel Aviv is deeply committed to engaging with the local community through various social initiatives. The club regularly hosts charity matches, supports underprivileged children through its "Maccabi Cares" program, and actively promotes soccer as a tool for social integration and personal development.


With its rich history, impressive successes, and commitment to the local community, Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club is a cornerstone of Tel Aviv's soccer scene. The team's passion and dedication to the sport have earned it a place among the world's top clubs, and its influence can be seen throughout the city and beyond. Tel Aviv's soccer fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the club's journey, as Maccabi Tel Aviv continues to strive for excellence on and off the field.


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Explore the rich history and success of Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club, one of Israel's oldest and most successful soccer clubs. Learn about the team's notable players, local and international rivalries, Bloomfield Stadium, junior development programs, and community engagement initiatives.

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