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What characteristic makes Macavity a mystery cat?

His ability to defy the Law

Which law does Macavity break according to the text?

Law of gravity

In what way does Macavity's appearance make him recognizable?

Sunken eyes

How does Macavity's behavior differ from what one might expect when he is half asleep?

He is wide awake

What makes Macavity a 'fiend in feline shape'?

His monster-like behavior

Why are the authorities unable to catch Macavity at a crime scene?

He has powers of levitation

What is the meaning of 'levitation' in the context of the text?

Floating in the air without support

Why is Scotland Yard baffled by Macavity?

Because Macavity moves much faster than them

In the poem, Macavity is described as a master criminal. What characteristic defines a master criminal?

Having depraved behavior

Why does the poet call Macavity a fiend and a monster?

Because Macavity defies and resists openly

According to the poem, which statement about Macavity is True?

Macavity cannot do what a fakir can easily do

What literary device does the poet use to describe Macavity in the poem?


Test your knowledge about the poem 'Macavity: The Mystery Cat' by answering questions about the enigmatic feline character, Macavity, who is known as the Hidden Paw and a master criminal. See if you can unravel the mysteries surrounding this elusive cat.

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