Luke Explanatory Preface Birth Announcement of John the Baptist

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What was the purpose of writing an orderly account for Theophilus?

To provide certainty about the things he was taught

Who were Zechariah and Elizabeth according to the text?

A righteous priest and his wife who were both descendants of Aaron

What is emphasized about Zechariah and Elizabeth's observance of God's commandments?

They followed all the commandments and ordinances blamelessly

How does the text describe the reign during which Zechariah lived?

During the reign of Herod king of Judea

What prompted Luke to write an orderly account for Theophilus?

Because he had carefully followed all things from the beginning

This quiz is based on the explanatory preface and birth announcement of John the Baptist found in the book of Luke. Test your knowledge of the account and the fulfilled things among us.

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