Louis Armstrong - Jazz Musician and Civil Rights Figure

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Where was Louis Armstrong born?

New Orleans, Louisiana

What instrument did Louis Armstrong primarily play?


Where did Louis Armstrong develop his musical skills?

At the New Orleans Colored Waif’s Home for Boys

What singing style was Louis Armstrong known for?


What was the neighborhood Armstrong lived in known as due to its conditions?

'The Battlefield'

Who was the best cornet player in New Orleans who mentored Louis Armstrong?

'King' Oliver

Where did Louis Armstrong take a summer job playing the cornet in 1919?

On a riverboat

Who did Louis Armstrong join after he took over Oliver’s spot in New Orleans’ band?

Creole Jazz Band

Which musician did Louis Armstrong partner with to record duets like 'West End Blues'?

Earl “Fatha” Hines

Where did Louis Armstrong recognize that swing music’s days were numbered in the 1940s?

In international tours

What was one of Louis Armstrong's nicknames due to his popularity with international audiences?

Ambassador Satch

Why did Louis Armstrong have to take two years off from playing and recording in the 1930s?

His lips were hurt from playing the trumpet too frequently

Learn about the life and influence of Louis Armstrong, a renowned jazz musician known for his unique musical style, scatting singing technique, and charismatic personality. Explore his role as an important African American public figure during the Civil Rights Movement era.

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