London and Natural Philosophers

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10 Questions

What did the narrator resolve to do at the end of the month?

What did the narrator enjoy during his youthful days, which later became embittered?

Why did the narrator feel like a 'blasted tree' and 'a miserable spectacle of wrecked humanity'?

What were the narrator's feelings towards laughing and talking with strangers when he arrived at Perth?

What kind of place did the narrator choose as the scene of his labours?

What was the main occupation of the narrator during their stay in London?

Who did the narrator see as an image of their former self?

What did the person from Scotland mention in their letter to the narrator?

What became an inexhaustible source of instruction and amusement for Clerval?

Why did the narrator often refuse to accompany Clerval?


Test your knowledge of the events in London and the encounters with natural philosophers in this classic literature quiz.

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