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What is the key function of a questionnaire?

Translating research objectives into specific questions

What is the difference between reliability and validity in measurement?

Reliability is about respondent responses, while validity is about the accuracy of the measurement.

Why should a researcher strive to minimize question bias in a questionnaire?

To avoid leading respondents to certain answers

What does a loaded question in a questionnaire refer to?

A question that contains misleading or emotionally charged language

How does a questionnaire help in reliability and validity assessments?

By standardizing questions and response categories

What is a systematic process in questionnaire design?

Contemplating various question formats and wording them carefully

What is an advantage of using computer-assisted questionnaire design?

It allows for quick and easy questionnaire development

How does skip logic benefit online surveys?

By displaying questions based on previous answers

What are 'codes' in the context of coding the questionnaire?

Numbers linked to question responses for easier analysis

Why is pretesting a questionnaire important?

To discover and address respondent difficulties

Which feature of computer-assisted questionnaire design helps in better question presentation?

Question libraries inclusion

What distinguishes display logic from skip logic in online surveys?

Display logic shows questions based on prior responses

Which aspect of question development is crucial to ensure that respondents can understand and respond to questions with ease?

Ensuring questions are focused on a single issue

What is a common guideline to improve problematic questions?

Ensure the question is brief

Why should question wording be scrutinized in question evaluation?

To minimize question bias

Which type of questions should marketing researchers be cautious about when developing research questions?

Double-barreled questions

What is a key practice in question development to minimize bias and ensure understandability?

Making questions crystal clear

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of well-worded questions?


When should complicated and difficult-to-answer questions be placed in a survey questionnaire?

In the middle or close to the end

Which section of a survey questionnaire is reserved for 'personal' and possibly offensive questions according to best practices?

Classification and demographic questions

What is the purpose of asking 'Have you shopped at Kohl’s in the past month?' as one of the initial questions in a survey?

To identify respondent types desired in the survey

At what point in a survey should questions about TV viewing habits or other changes in subject or format be asked?

Before transitions

Which type of question is used immediately after screen questions in a survey questionnaire?


Where should questions about the friendliness of salespeople or likelihood of future purchases be placed in a survey questionnaire?

Middle of the questionnaire; close to the end

Which of the following is an example of a double-barreled question?

Are you satisfied with the quality and price of the product?

What is a common issue with a loaded question?

It may contain exaggerated language to influence responses.

Which of the following questions is an example of overstated language?

Should people use this groundbreaking technology for all their tasks?

In questionnaire organization, what effect do poorly organized questionnaires have on respondents?

Discourage and frustrate respondents.

Which of the following best describes a well-organized questionnaire?

Motivates respondents to be conscientious and complete the survey.

What is a potential consequence of using leading questions in a survey?

Guiding respondents towards a particular answer.

Test your knowledge on the correct order of survey question types and examples. Learn about the rationale behind asking certain questions and the importance of warm-up questions in survey design.

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