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What is the formula for calculating the Cash Flow to Debt Ratio?

(Net Income + Depreciation) ÷ Total Debt

According to the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, can any Individual or Body Corporate be a partner in a LLP?

Yes, any Individual or Body Corporate

What is the Debt Equity Ratio used for?

Measuring Financial Leverage

When should a designated partner be appointed in a limited liability partnership (LLP)?

Within thirty days of vacancy arising

What does the Quick Ratio measure?

Liquidity and ability to meet short-term obligations

In relation to financial statements, what does the Assets Turnover Ratio indicate?

Efficiency of asset utilization in generating sales

What does the P/E Ratio represent in financial analysis?

$\frac{Share\ Price}{Earning\ Per\ Share}$

'Save as otherwise provided', which act is exempted from applying to a Limited Liability Partnership?

Indian Partnership Act, 1932

'Return on Equity Ratio' is calculated by dividing which two financial components?

$\frac{Net\ Income}{Shareholder’s\ Capital}$

'Gross Margin Ratio' is calculated by dividing which two financial components?

$\frac{Sales – Cost of Goods Sold}{Total Sales}$

Test your knowledge of limited liability partnership regulations with this quiz covering sections such as 26, 34, and 64. Learn about the responsibilities of partners, annual filings, winding up procedures, and more.

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