Little Red Riding Hood Story

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What did Little Red Riding Hood do yesterday that made her grandmother happy?

Baked something good

Where did Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother live?

Under three large oak-trees, with nut-trees just below

How did the wolf trick Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother?

By devouring the grandmother, putting on her clothes, and pretending to be her

What made Little Red Riding Hood go deeper into the wood instead of going straight to her grandmother's house?

Seeing pretty flowers and wanting to pick them

What was Little Red Riding Hood's reaction when she saw her grandmother looking strange in bed?

She felt uneasy and surprised

What gift did Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother give her that she loved and always wore?

A little cap of red velvet

What did Little Red Riding Hood's mother instruct her to take to her grandmother?

A piece of cake and a bottle of wine

Where did Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother live?

Out in the wood, half a league from the village

Who did Little Red Riding Hood meet in the wood as she was going to her grandmother's?

A wolf

What did the wolf ask Little Red Riding Hood about as they met in the wood?

What she had in her apron

Study Notes

Little Red Riding Hood's Story

  • Little Red Riding Hood is a dear little girl loved by everyone, especially her grandmother.
  • She was given a red velvet cap, which she always wore, and thus was called Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Her mother asked her to take cake and wine to her sick grandmother who lived in the woods.

The Journey to Grandmother's House

  • Little Red Riding Hood's mother warned her to walk nicely and quietly, not to run off the path, and to say "good morning" when she arrives.
  • As she entered the woods, she met a wolf who asked her where she was going and what she had in her apron.
  • Little Red Riding Hood naively told the wolf about her grandmother's illness and the location of her house.

The Wolf's Plan

  • The wolf thought to himself that Little Red Riding Hood would be a nice plump mouthful to eat, and planned to catch both her and the grandmother.
  • He tried to distract Little Red Riding Hood by pointing out the pretty flowers and birds, and she fell for the trap.

Little Red Riding Hood's Detour

  • She ran off the path to pick flowers, thinking she would still get to her grandmother's house in time.
  • She got deeper and deeper into the woods, picking more flowers.

The Wolf's Deception

  • Meanwhile, the wolf ran straight to the grandmother's house and knocked on the door, pretending to be Little Red Riding Hood.
  • The grandmother, thinking it was Little Red Riding Hood, asked him to lift the latch, and the wolf devoured her.
  • The wolf then dressed up as the grandmother and lay in her bed, waiting for Little Red Riding Hood.

Test your knowledge of the classic fairy tale 'Little Red Riding Hood' with this quiz. From the beloved little girl to the cunning wolf, see how well you remember the details of this timeless story.

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