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What is the Latin origin of the word 'literature'?


Which literary type falls under 'Non-Prose'?


What literary standard involves the enduring quality of literature?


Which type of literature is classified as 'fiction'?


What is the central focus of feminist literature?

Giving voice to women and their experiences

Which literary approach focuses on interpreting literature within a specific socio-historical context?

New Historicism

What is the primary concern of Formalism or New Criticism in literary analysis?

Rhetorical and logical elements within the writing

In "Kwento ni Mabuti," what is the type of conflict experienced by the main character, Mabuti?

Man vs. Himself

What does the text primarily discuss?

The history of Vietnamese literature

Which literary movement aimed to modernize Vietnamese poetry in the 1930s?

New Poetry movement

What was the impact of the 'Tu Luc Van Doan' group on Vietnam literature?

Influence on Vietnamese novels with Western ideas

What genre occupies an important position in the literary forum according to the text?


Study Notes

Literary Terms and Concepts

  • The word 'literature' originates from the Latin words 'littera', meaning letter, and 'literate', meaning learned.
  • Non-Prose is a literary type that includes poetry and drama.

Literary Analysis Approaches

  • The literary standard of Permanence involves the enduring quality of literature.
  • Feminist literature focuses on the central theme of gender inequality and women's empowerment.

Literary Movements

  • The 'Tu Luc Van Doan' group aimed to modernize Vietnamese poetry in the 1930s, significantly impacting Vietnam literature.

Literary Analysis

  • The Formalism or New Criticism approach focuses on the primary concern of close reading and analysis of the text's structure, style, and language.

Specific Literary Works

  • In "Kwento ni Mabuti," the main character, Mabuti, experiences an internal conflict.
  • The text primarily discusses literature and its various aspects.

Literary Genres

  • Poetry occupies an important position in the literary forum according to the text.

Test your knowledge on different literary approaches such as feminism and New Historicism. Explore how feminist literature challenges gender norms and empowers women, and how New Historicism focuses on interpreting literature within its socio-historical context.

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